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Details about our project of creating a physical picture of our farm

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A square meter sized display has been built up by three members of the Resistance Rostock showing the status of the local RES farm. All 37 Portals are shown in detail by different color.
  • grey = neutral portal
  • green = enlightened portal
  • orange = Resistance, but less than 100% energy
  • white = Resistance, 100% energy, but less than 4 Mods and/or no L8 portal
  • blue = Resistance, P8, 100 % energy and 4 Mods
By getting all 37 portals into status "blue", the backgroung lighting will change to rainbow-mode. See pictures at the end of this page.

2012/11 # Ingress

More and more people are on the streets playing Ingress. Ingress is an augmented-reality game for your smartphone. Available for andriod since end of 2012 in closed beta, open for all since end of 2013 and available for iOS since 2014. You have to get up and out to play this game. Interaction with portals in the real world is key aspect of the game. The world around you is not what it seems. Ingress transforms the real world into a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition.


How it started

2014/03 # c-base table    Source    g+ post

An article about an Ingress table manufactured by the Berlin Resistance showing the c-base portals was the starting point. This table shows several portal states by adjustment of associated RGB-LEDs. Several months went by; the table came back to our nerd minds repeatedly; we were infected. The creation of a physical display showing our local farm containing 37 portals was born.


       What is Ingress?      

Resistance Berlin

       c-base table         

Resistance Rostock

    Resistance Rostock      



2014/11 # Brainstorming    Farm link

In November 2014 the three agents

  • @AxlCoon | Code(Arduino) | Hardware
  • @gr0bi | Code(Web) | Design | Construction
  • @slow23 | Code(Intel, Web)
came together trying to solve the obviously hardest part of getting the portal data. What do we want to show and how can we get data for a detailed nearly live status?

2014/12 # Coding, LEDs, Arduino

It took weeks with long nights and too much coffee to develop a script that is able to meet our requirements of showing more than the three base portal colors ( RES | ENL | NEU ). Our goal was the additional information about portal health, portal level and quantity of deployed mods. All this has to be interpreted and evaluated by a microcontroller. First data gathering scripts ran successfully in December 2014.

2014/12-2015/02 # Display build-up

Now we couldn´t await the look and feel of wood and acrylic glass. We made the decision to build a wall-mounted display to avoid willful damaging or damage through spilling. First display parts were bought, hardware tests performed and map design planned. The data will be interpretated and processed by an arduino with ethernet shield. This device is able to handle the 37+ RGB-LEDs (WS2812) and also the RGB backlight. The square meter display is build based on 100x82 mm timber. Power supply, Ethernet and USB conntection were integrated into this frame. The display itself was printed on a 8 mm fully transparent acrylic glass by applying a three layered motive (transparent white, opaque terrain with street cutout, matte transparent protective layer). The 5 mm LEDs were fixed with mounting rings, wired and pluged into the plate ---> functionality tests...

2015/03 # Fine tuning

First tests were very promising, but not perfect. Every issue was software based and remotely fixable. As a conclusion we decided to hang up the display. Final destination was the student bar "Pleitegeier²", owned by a fellow member of the Resistance. Some screws and "Club Mate" later it was done. Adjustment of delays and colors took some more hours, but finished faster than expected.

2015/03/20 # Unboxing    Location

On March 20th 2014 we joined two big events. Agent @gr0bi was leaving Rostock and moving to Berlin. The premiere presentation of "his" display was the perfect event for his farewell party joined by all agent friends.
Impressive LIVE events:

  • decay - parts of the map are changing to orange
  • attack - areas (e.g. along the tram line way) changing color to orange or white (even green was seen :O )
  • perfect farm - last mod or reso has been deployed. Complete arm is P8 with 4 mods, background illumination changes to rainbow-mode
General conclusion: This display is no tool, which shifts advantages to the Resistance side. Distance between display and farm (response time): 30 min by foot, 10 min by bike or car. Even under big farm attacks no single agent left our RES meetings :). We received great compliments and respectful recognitions by our ENL agents from Rostock. Total cost balance is around 500€ or 550$. Feel free to donate an appreciating amount to help us. If you plan to visit the display you should get us a message in before. As mentioned, the display is not generally visible.